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To our racers,


Welcome to Last Man Standing Ultramarathon 2020! Clearly, this will be a year like none other, but with some careful planning and some help from all of you, we are confident that we will have an exciting, safe, and fun event.


So let’s get into the most important things to keep in mind as you plan for race day…


Rule number 1 for the weekend is safety. If you have recently been or are currently sick, please stay home. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and stays healthy. We will do that by following the recommendations of the State of Maine and the Maine CDC. This means the following:


Health & Safety


  • We will require documentation of a negative PCR COVID-19 test from ANYBODY coming from ANY state that is not one of the following exempted states:

    • Maine

    • New Hampshire

    • Vermont

    • New York

    • Connecticut

    • New Jersey

  • The negative test must be conducted within 72 hours of your entry into Maine

  • This includes ALL participants, support crew, and spectators. If you or your supporters are those who are required to provide a negative test result, DO NOT show up without it. You will not be allowed on the race site. There will be NO exceptions.

  • ALL racers, support crew, spectators, and support staff are subject to temperature checks and a COVID assessment upon arrival

  • Masks will be required in the race staging area, in the starting area, and in the bathrooms

  • Masks are not required on the race course


Staging Area


We will do everything in our power to make the race experience feel as true to form as possible. Understanding that, there are some changes that must happen to ensure that we are being responsible.


  • Each racer is limited to 1 support person

    • No support people will be allowed on site prior to 1:00 PM on race day. 

    • This will ensure that we will not exceed the number of people allowed to gather at one time

  • We cannot allow spectators until 8:00 PM on Saturday

    • Race participants who exit the race may stay and spectate through the duration of the event if they wish, regardless of when they exit the race

    • We are not encouraging spectators this year who are not registered racers

  • We are aiming to avoid congregating groups

    • There will not be a large, communal tent

    • We will not be displaying a live leaderboard

      • Live results will be available online as the event happens

      • You can find them here: www.back40events.com/results

      • We encourage you to share this link with your friends and family so they can track your progress and leave you words of encouragement

    • We will not be showing movies


Each racer will still be provided with a 12’ x 12’ space to set up their “base camp”. You are free to place whatever you like within your space as long as you are not rude or encroaching on your neighbors. We have never had an issue with this and don’t anticipate any this year. No open flames allowed.


In years past, we have assigned the 12” x 12” spaces according to the order of registration. This year will be similar, but with one difference. We will alternate A Racers and B Racers so that we will minimize any closeness when folks are back at their spaces preparing for their next laps. In theory, A Racers will be on course while B Racers are at their spaces and vice versa. This will ensure an extra cushion between all participants.


This year racers will not be able to move up to closer spaces as they empty out and they may not set up any of their gear outside of their allotted space.


Port-a-potties will be provided and hand sanitizer will be plentiful. Please keep social distancing in mind if you find yourself in line and USE THE HAND SANITIZER upon entering and exiting.




Last Man Standing Ultramarathon can be found here on Route 231 in New Gloucester. Keep your eye out for signs that will direct you into the race venue. Racers may begin to arrive on the race site at 8:00 AM on Saturday September 5th. You will be allowed to drive your vehicle over to the staging area and drop off your gear. After you have dropped everything off, you must go park your vehicle on the Pineland Farms campus. There is more than ample parking, so please, DO NOT park in the YMCA parking lot. Please use your best judgement and do not select a parking spot that is marked as reserved for a business. Parking somewhere that you do not belong will get your vehicle towed and will reflect poorly on our event. This is another thing that we have never had an issue with in the past, and we don’t expect to start now.


After you have parked, you may then return to the staging area where you will check in, go through the health screening, and pick up your packet. Once this step is completed you can load your gear into your 12’ x 12’ space which will correspond with the number on the back of your bib. No dogs are allowed on the Pineland Farms campus.




In years past we have had food trucks on site to sell dinner to racers and spectators. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide that amenity this year. We do, however, have the option to sell sandwiches from the Pineland Market. If you would like a sandwich, please follow this link:


LMS Sandwich Order Form


You can make your selection and plan to pay with cash on race day when you check in. Sandwiches will be delivered to the race venue Saturday afternoon and we will bring them to your 12’ x 12’ space. You may submit orders for yourself and your support person. Orders for sandwiches must be received by Friday afternoon.


Thank You


We want to thank each and every one of you for taking part in our event this year. Times are tough, and a return to normalcy is something we’re all craving. With that said, this event will only be considered successful if everyone remains healthy afterwards. We are counting on you all to be safe, responsible, and respectful this weekend. We promise to do our part to provide you with an event that will be safe, fun, and uniquely memorable. Take care of each other out there, and we’ll see you on the trails!


-The Back 40 Team