How It Works


• Solo, Duo teams, Ultra teams of 4 members, Casual team of 8 members • Solo participants and teams will have 24 hours to complete as many laps as they can • Solo categories are male and female, Team categories are males, females, and coed • A coed team is any combination of men and women, minimum of 1 of each gender • Teams of each category will only compete against other teams in their same category • Awards will be given to the top 3 finishers in each category; Solo Male, Solo Female, Duo Male, Duo Female, Duo Coed, Ultra Male, Ultra Female, Ultra Coed, Casual Male, Casual Female, Casual Coed


• Each racer must complete at least 2 laps throughout the event. This must consist of at least 1 daylight and 1 nighttime lap. Each team's running order is at the discretion of the team. • Daylight and nighttime hours will be determined by the Race Director • During nighttime hours all runners must run with a headlamp or approved lighting device (as approved by Race Director) • Pacing is not allowed on course • The team member on course must be in possession of the team’s “baton”. If they do not carry the “baton” for their lap, the lap will not count toward the team’s total

What you need to know:

• 12' x 12' spaces will be laid out by race organizers in the event staging area for teams to set up their support area • Each team of 4 will be allowed one space and each team of 8 will be allowed two spaces • Spaces can be claimed on a first come first serve basis beginning Saturday morning • While racers will have the opportunity to receive complimentary dinner and breakfast, they are ultimately responsible for their own race nutrition and hydration • No dogs are allowed on Pineland Farms campus - Anyone with a dog will be asked to leave the property • No open flames allowed




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